Friday, January 2, 2009

Who said you cant have your cake and eat all too?

Am I picky? Yes!
Do I have standards? Yes!
Are they high? Yes!
Is that bad? No!
Why? Because its porn!

I been meaning about writing this blog for the longest time but I never did until now since I am here (hence "No longer censored").

In a world especially in a land where I am from where it is all about the whole physical. You got to be this thin or this tall or this big or this color or this or that yadda yadda yadda!

I think if there is one place you can totally feel not guilty and not feel judged and feel completely comfortable and get everything you want it is with porn.

Yup! I watch it... come on if you never have then you are A) lying or B) really religious I suppose LOL but come you can watch porn in ALL flavors. If you are into big boobed blondes then they have that. If you have foot fetishes or are into S&M then they have that. Point is... whatever you are into they got it and porn is probably the place that doesnt judge you or care what you are into cuz all they care about is making you happy for whatever you are into.


What do I like? I am into feet! I like blondes! I like boobs but they have to be big but like fit the body big.....its like guys who buy rims on their cars but sometimes they go tooo big it looks wrong. I like nice asses....but its more a foot guy. I hate dirty feet... I hate foot jobs... I like sexy shoes with clean pedicured feet.

You know what I dont understand? Is why all girls that are considered "teens" are always flat chested??? They obviously arent going to my high school where lots of slutty girls had natural big boobs hahahaa

I also dislike seeing porn where they girl is all looking into camera as they are doing it. Such a turn off! or when they obviously are making OOOOOOOOOOOH AHHHHHHHHHHH about anything...its too much man...LOL but really girls shouldnt be looking into a camera especially when its supposed to be a "real" scene (i.e. pizza delivery guy comes hahaha comes!).

What I am saying is that "Hi! My name is ....Slim Shady and I am addicted to porn" LOL...yeah its all I got damnit. Do I need to get a gf? Of course! and hey its 2009 and who knows it can happen man!! WOOHOOOO but in the meantime Amber in Slutwhores 3 will do in a grip of the hand! LOL!!!


  1. Yep, you let it loose here! I prefer "home made" type porn. I really never been into porn, but since I read it, I should It is a personal thing I guess. Men and porn go hand in hand. or Dick in hand. Men are visual, we aren't.
    Keep letting it loose Alex!
    And yes, you need a girlfriend!

  2. Did I forget to mention that? doh! YEs! Amateur aka Home Made porn is the best!! Because its like being a peeping tom...because heck it could be very much your neighbors you know?? or coworkers or whatever doing this and the fact taht so many people do really has to make you think!

    Thanks for reading and being a supporter! you rock!! :)

  3. Truth be told,
    My favorite porn...
    Is "my" stuff.
    Only pictures, but know that it is "us" that I am looking at, really gets me goin!
    I think most people do it and won't admit to it!

  4. You are very right on that!! Nothing better than getting turned on by your own lover I say...especially like that. They say guys masturbate MORE when in a relationship or at least in the beginning stages because he thinks about the woman and what he wants to do to her or anticipation

  5. Brazillian fart porn with circus midgets and girls doing the pizza delivery guy is my thing. Wait, whut?

  6. LOL brazilian fart porn! nice!